4.02 Friday Masquerade Ball Party @LA SUITE 威尼斯假面社交派对

Masquerade Ball Party
Friday April 2, 2021
 from 7:30pm to 11:30pm
Networking & Games 社交&游戏环节 7:30Pm to 9:00PM 
Salsa & bachata 舞会 9:00PM to 10:30PM
Party & Networking 派对&社交 10:30Pm until late  
Where 地点:LA SUITE  
Address: 1111 Wuding road near Yanping Road  
Networking & Mingle . Music. Dance. Drinks. Fun. Prizes
社交互动. 音乐. 舞会. 美酒 .欢乐时光. 大奖
The Dress Code 着装:
Glamorous/Fashion Friendly/Elegant

Friday April 2, 2021 LA SUITE  & FC Club hosting an exclusive Masquerade Ball Party @ LA SUITE , on Wuding Road.
This is a casual networking event; participants wearing a mask and immerse themselves in a mystery Venice ambience.  Masquerade Ball entertainment is not just about costumes and masks. It is also about ambience and visual effects. The objective is to provide a mysterious feel for the guests in the venue throughout the event; this is all about guests' experience and motivating them to know each other. During the event, the host or organiser could play some games with a pair of guests; if one of the guests lose the game, they are required remove their mask to show others who they are and introduce themselves on the stage.
4月2日周五威尼斯假面社交派对将在LA SUITE举办。在星光闪烁的月夜下品尝精心调制的摩登鸡尾酒,带上你最喜欢的面具,约上好友一起来尽情享受精彩的上海之夜,一起舞动。
WHO is party Queen?Find the most stunning Party Queen in the party and you will have an unexpected surprise!  
谁是今晚的派对女王?找出你身边最耀眼的Party Queen, 在云端之上FIND ME, 当我出现在你身边, 我们将会给你意想不到的惊喜!
We have also prepared many party masks for guests! 

Born with Italian blood, LA SUITE is created with designer interior furnishing and aesthetic decorations. Gold, royal blue, and black is the key color. Gold stands for dignity, Royal blue for nobleness, and black for mystery. LA SUITE fully immersive terrace will let you take in the vibes of the city and in the afternoon, while in the nighttime it will enclose the venue to create the perfect noise-proof atmosphere to fully engage and enjoy the party experience.
源自意大利的LA SUITE血液里流淌着美与艺术,设计师款的家具和艺术家的作品装点了LA SUITE的店面。华贵的金、高雅的蓝、神秘的黑是LA SUITE的主题色。楼上的露台为你留住城市的黄昏,夜间则成为你派对场地的首选——绝佳的隔音设备和不同凡响的音响效果,将让你沉醉在派对当中。

Salsa & bachata  舞会环节

Industry leaders and fashion & stylish professionals are expected to attend including fortune 500 companies, business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, fashion, art, creative professionals and professionals from many different backgrounds. Come to socializing and connecting with a stylish and trendy crowd of professionals.  
各行名行业精英和时尚专业人士参加,包括500强企业、企业家、投资人和来自时尚、艺术、创意、高科技等不同背景的专业人士,这是一个与各行名行业精英交流的酒会, 也是一个与时尚的人士交流的社交酒会 。



Entrance Fee includes One Complimentary Drink and participation in activities and lucky draw and also a party mask. 票价包含一杯酒水及参加互动游戏和抽奖

Early bird 早鸟: 
RSVP before 11pm March 29

RMB108/person  108/位
RMB98/person (2 people)  2人同行:98/位
RMB 88/person (3 people or more)  3人同行及以上88/位  

Pre-sale 预售:  
RSVP before 11pm March 30

RMB118/person 118/位
RMB108/person (2 people)  2人同行:108/位  
RMB98/person (3 people or more)  3人同行及以上:98/位  

RSVP before 11pm March 31

RMB128/person 128/位
RMB118/person (2 people)  2人同行:118/位  
RMB108/person (3 people or more)  3人同行及以上:108/位 

RSVP before 4pm April 2

RMB138/person 138/位
RMB128/person (2 people)  2人同行:128/位  
RMB118/person (3 people or more)  3人同行及以上:118/位  

Walk-ins RMB18/person 现场购票:158元/位


Tickets are not refundable but you can use it for a future event within 2 months.  

Special price for drinks from 7.30pm to 10.30pm on the day of the event

Special Vip Table booking 
please add wechat : 13917259716

Special Vip Table package featuring:
- 1 bottle of Champagne + 1 bottle of Spirit at 
3000 RMB is on order
- 3 bottles of Champagne + 1 bottle of Spirit at 
4888 RMB is on order



Please forward this message to anyone who might be interested in it.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Diamond Elite Team
FC Club Shanghai Team

Tel: 13917259716

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